• Ideal conditions in your place of a clean and healthy, humidity free air
  • Healthy atmosphere free of germs, fungus and bacteria thanks to the UVC lamp
  • Sterilization HEPA Filter 97.79 for impeccable air quality in your place, relieved of dust and microbes
  • Ultimate sense of freshness thanks to the integrated Ionizer that fights off the malicious particles in your place
  • Ultimate adjustment to the needs of your place for fresh air and reliable information thanks to the PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor & Indicator
  • Control and management of the device through the Inventor Control application


Dehumidifier & Air Purifier

Thanks to the advanced double operation of the device you can obtain the most ideal conditions in your place, reducing humidity levels and creating a clean and healthy atmosphere free of dust and bacteria.

UVC Lamp

The ultraviolet light of the UVC lamp breaks the molecules of the microorganisms such as germs, viruses, fungi and bacteria that might be in the device, offering healthy atmosphere in your place.

Sterilization HEPA Filter 97.79%

The Sterilization HEPA Filter with the ability to withhold a percentage of 97.79% of particles with size up to 0.3 micrometers helps to remove dust and germs, guaranteeing excellent air quality in your place and reducing radically the possibilities of allergic reactions.

Air Ionizer

Ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere in your place and enjoy an ultimate sense of freshness just like when in nature thanks to the integrated Ionizer! The way the Ionizer deals with malicious particles in the atmosphere of your place results in the creation of a cleaner, healthier and fresher environment, relieved of pollutants, dust, unpleasant odors and microorganisms. You are to be surprised by the substantial difference in the air quality of your place and discover new levels of comfort and rest!

PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor & Indicator

The appliance can automatically adjust its operation based on the air quality in your place thanks to the high end technology of the PM2.5 sensor that traces even the smallest floating particles in the atmosphere, even those that can’t be easily distinguished with bare eyes! At the same time, the bright, colored indication offers trustworthy information about the air quality, allowing you to have full control anytime you wish and reduce the purposeless operation of the appliance and save energy to the fullest.


Control your appliance even when not at home or office at any time. Enjoy ideal conditions and save energy. Download the application via Google Play or App Store for free and create the environment you want, whenever you want, through the smart Wi-Fi technology.


Autonomous Air Purifier Function

Enjoy a healthy environment free of dust, allergens, viruses, germs e.t.c. The HEPA filter of the appliance restrains a big part of the small particles and offers you a clean atmosphere in your place.

Air Quality Indicator

The luminous indicator and the digital display offers a direct and reliable diagnosis of the air quality in your place in order for you to be in control any time you wish.

Autonomous Swing Louver

You can now enforce the uniform air distribution and easily improve the air quality in your place. Thanks to the swing louver function, the movement of the louver is activated, and the air is equally distributed in every part of the room, offering fast results and additional comfort.

Quite operation

Enjoy absolute silence that combines low sound level of operation with an effective hygienic and pleasant atmosphere in your place.

3 Air Purifier Speeds

Maximum air quality is achieved in a simple and direct way, with the 3 air purifier speeds. Choose one of the three available speeds -low, medium, high – depending on the needs of the place and obtain a clean and pleasant atmosphere.

Clothes Drying

Dry your clothes effectively and healthy, with the Dryer operation. Place the clothes horse in a small room (with the door closed) and activate Clothes drying program. The air produced reinforces freshness and ensures dry and fragrant clothes in a short period of time, while maintaining the room completely dry.

Sleep Mode

Ensure clean, healthy & noise-free environment for you and your family without dust and malicious particles with the lowest noise level. Choosing the Sleep Mode during night or at times when absolute silence is required, you can enjoy ideal conditions in your place without the smallest distraction.

Filter Replacement Reminder

Protect the appliance and ensure maximum performance thanks to the filter replacement reminder. The relevant indication appears on the display in order to notify you of the need to replace the filter, contributing both in a more effective operation and increase of the dehumidifier’s lifeline as well as in your own comfort!

Child Lock

Activating the lock function, the children are not able to operate the appliance or change any of its functions, when not supervised.

9 Hour Timer

You may now easily schedule the deactivation of the appliance while you are away, thanks to the timer function which allows you to adjust the operation duration from one to nine hours.