• Intelligent Defrost
  • Built-In Drain Pump
  • Slim Design
  • Central Control Management (Optional)
  • Wired Control (Optional)
  • Error Alarm Port
  • Front Desk Control (Optional)

Cassettes air conditioners. The absolute solution for business environments with low height

  • Excellent protection of the unit due to the protection of the golden fin
  • The air outlet from 8 points offers high levels of comfort and efficiency
  • Enjoy a clean and healthy atmosphere due to the fresh inlet air
  • Take advantage of the upgraded indoor unit’s design and achieve cooling in one more room
  • Enjoy even more functions and operations thanks to the wide range of central controllers
  • Enjoy a clean and healthy atmosphere by introducing fresh air into the room
  • Enjoy extra features and functions through a wide range of central controls
  • Flexibility even in the most demanding installations thanks to the built-in condensate pump
  • Check the air conditioner wherever you are thanks to the Wi-Fi remote management and create the ideal conditions in your space

Benefit & Functions

Technical Specifications