Upright freezers of A++ energy class, for all kind of rooms and maintenance conditions
• Better energy savings • Excellent cooling conditions • Great autonomy


High Energy Class A++

High Energy Class A++

4 Star Freezers

High performance, energy saving and low operational cost.

Low Noise Level

Due to its advanced design, the noise is kept at the lowest levels during operation.

Great Autonomy

In case of power failure, Inventor freezers will retain your food intact for up to 57 hours.

LED lighting

For excellent and highly efficient lighting, with a lifespan of 30 times longer than conventional light bulbs and 10 times more energy savings.

Dual Freezer or Fridge Mode

You can now enjoy excellent results for both maintenance and deep freezing of your food thanks to the dual function of the freezers. Use the unit either just for maintenance or as a freezer according to your needs and enjoy the benefits of two devices in one!

Digital Temperature Control

Adjust the temperature, easily and precisely.

Fast Freeze Mode

Freeze your food supplies in a quick and easy way, thanks to the Fast Freeze Mode of the appliance. Effective even when the freezer is being filled with new items allowing the freezing process to continue.