The advanced Inventor Dehumidifiers series guarantee solving the humidity issues in the home or office. The smart Inventor dehumidifiers satisfy even the most demanding users providing a clean and healthy environment, without humidity.


Low Noise Level

Select the Silent mode of the 3 Fan speed levels (Silent – Medium – Turbo) and the dehumidifier will operate at the lowest noise level when it is required. Suitable for use in bed-rooms – especially at night – to enjoy ideal sleeping conditions, as well as in areas where absolute silence is needed, ex. study areas.

Smart Dehumidification

Save money and energy, thanks to the Smart dehumidification function. The dehumidifier automatically selects the ideal moisture levels according to the room temperature, ensuring low power consumption and excellent conditions in your area.

Clothes Drying

Dry your clothes in an effective and healthy way with the Dryer operation. Place the clothes rack in a small room (with the door closed) and activate Clothes drying mode. The air produced reinforces freshness and ensures dry and fragrant clothes in a short period of time, while keeping the room completely dry.


Ensure a healthy and clean atmosphere in your home with the integrated Ionizer, Inventor dehumidifiers provide. Positive and negative ions are released into the room absorbing dust, bacteria, tobacco and other unpleasant odors, offering a high air quality.


Continuous Dehumidification

Benefit from the operation of continuous dehumidification, for immediate results where it is necessary. With continuous dehumidification the device acts as a catalyst in conditions of high demand, such as drying clothes or flooded rooms, eliminating moisture quickly and effectively.

Overflow protection

Enjoy the safe operation of your dehumidifier thanks to the special equipment for protection from overflow. When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier automatically switches off and the indication Full illuminates, so as to inform you that you must empty the water tank, preventing any leakage.

Continuous Drainage

Forget about the continuous emptying of the water tank, thanks to the continuous drainage. Place the tube at the back of the device and plug it in the siphon. The water air collected during the operation of the dehumidifier will directly lead to drains.

24- hour Timer

With the 24- hour timer you can schedule precisely the operational period of your dehumidifier and avoid the needless use when you not at home.

Casters for easy mobility

Relocate your dehumidifier wherever and whenever needed. The integrated casters, allow full mobility and the unit may be easily moved and positioned where necessary, for optimal results.


Quickly reduce moisture, in rooms where it is dramatically increased. The upgraded Turbo mode enhances air extraction and resets efficiently in short time ideal moisture levels in the room, for comfortable atmosphere.