• Running condition real-time display
  • Low start-up current thanks to power delay control design
  • Multistep adjustment plus modular design makes a better unloading capacity that ensures the stability of water temperature. Double-flow design makes higher heat exchange efficiency.
  • Double sprays cooling design to both compressor chamber and motor, ensure the reliable operation of motor and discharging bearing.
  • Special oil return pipe at bottom of the shell and tube, to prevent the oil storage and compressor oil lack
  • Well radiating and waterproof of electric control box thanks to special water-proof design
  • Higher heat exchange efficiency thanks to Double-flow design.
  • Main module patent! Any unit can be set as main module via wired controller.
  • Modular design. Up to 8 units can be integrated freely achieving maximum capacity of 3.440kw
  • Auto anti-freezing function under heating mode when the unit is switched off