Inventor Ceiling Cassettes

Cassette air conditioners. The absolute solution for business environments with low height . Compact design for equable temperature and high performance – Inventor Indoor Cassette units, with their flexible size, can be mounted on suspended ceilings of limited height. Their modern panel guarantees a uniform air distribution offering a constant temperature throughout the room. The upgraded series, provides remote Wi-Fi management and offers a wide range of central controls to ensure ultimate control. Their special construction with the integrated pump meets all the needs of a particular installation and promises excellent conditions in many facilities such as hotels, businesses and homes.

– Golden Fin – The ultimate protection of the air conditioner, especially at areas with high humidity levels and increased corrosive possibility, such as islands and coastal areas, can now be achieved. The golden, anticorrosive coating of the outdoor unit’s refrigerant, protects against salty air, rain and other corrosive elements, ensuring the effective performance of the air conditioner and the extension of its lifeline. The golden coating of the indoor unit refrigerant, thanks to its antibacterial action, allows you to enjoy a perfectly clean and healthy atmosphere!
– The Wi-Fi Ready Cassette conditioners, require the purchase of a Wi-Fi Smart Port Module for their operation, which you can easily obtain from air conditioning and electrical appliances stores.
– R410 ECO Refrigerant – The R410 ECO Refrigerant with 68{cfa9f5d4ae854a86c28eca976965ad90d9ed1e5e553e55329ad10cda2d9c247b} lower global warming potential, is here to significantly enhance your air conditioner performance and to drastically contribute to global warming protection. It does not adversely affect the ozone layer, contributes in reducing global warming effect by entrapping smaller amounts of heat (GWP = 675) and can be easily reused and recycled.

– 360° Air outlet – Enjoy optimum comfort, anywhere in the room. 360 degrees directional wind coming out from 8 instead of 4 air outlets, can deliver air evenly throughout every corner in any space.
– External air duct outlet – With the special design of the indoor unit, an extra duct can supply air to an other room. Suitable for air conditioning extra small rooms.
– Fresh air intake – Provided to handle the fresh air load for a clean and healthy environment.
– Built-in Drain pump – The drain pump can lift the condensing water up to 750mm, serving every kind of installation. Refers to chest installations.
– Weekly Planner Controller – Take advantage of the Weekly Planner and adjust according to your needs, the air conditioner’s operating period, ensuring maximum energy and money savings. The new advanced wired controller, shows up the error codes and additionally enables you to activate the room temperature sensor via the wired controller instead of the air conditioner.
– Central control management (Optional) – Enjoy the capabilities of the Central control management and control up to 64 indoor units, front desk, touch pad wired controller, WiFi and many others.
– Low Ambient Cooling – The outdoor unit’s special design produces an efficient and effective cooling operation even at -15°C.
– Error Alarm Port -Take the whole control of you unit! Thanks to the error code that will appear if an error occurs, you can always be safe and sure for the appropriate and most efficient operation of your air conditioner.
– 24-hour Timer – Set the unit to start and stop automatically in a 24h period
– Front Desk Control On/Off(Optional) – With a smart control board, air conditioners can be turned on/off via long distance control signals.
– Auto Restart – If the air conditioner breaks off unexpectedly due to the power cut, it will restart with the previous setting mode automatically when the power resume.


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