Inventor Omnia Plus Dehumidifier (20L)

Inventor Dehumidifiers… banish humidity for good!


Clothes DryingTake advantage of the special Clothes drying mode and make your life easier. Place the clothes rack in a small room and close the door. The air produced by the Inventor dehumidifier reinforces freshness and ensures dry and fragrant clothes in a short period of time, while keeping the room completely dry. Dry your clothes with all Inventor dehumidifiers by activating the Continuous dehumidification mode or the Clothes drying mode.

Smart Dehumidification (SMD) – Low Noise Level  –  Ensure low noise levels by choosing Inventor dehumidifiers with 3 Fan speed levels (Silent – Medium – Turbo). Select the Silent mode of the fan and the dehumidifier will operate at the lowest noise level when it is required. Suitable for use in bedrooms – especially at night- to enjoy ideal sleeping conditions, as well as in areas where absolute silence is needed, ex. study areas.

Dehumidifiers Desiccant & with Compressor – The range of Inventor dehumidifiers consists of Desiccant & Compressor dehumidifiers, to fulfill every single customer’s need. The Inventor dehumidifier Rise with Desiccant technology, utilizes desiccant material instead of a compressor and maximizes the performance in conditions of low or no heating. Rise Desiccant dehumidifier is the most appropriate solution for places that are heated only for a few hours per day.
Inventor dehumidifiers with compressor are distinguished for their extremely low power con-sumption. In places with sufficient heating (over 15°C), you can achieve great energy and money savings, easy and promptly, by choosing among the wide range of Inventor models.

Ionizer – Ensure a healthy and clean atmosphere in your home with the integrated Ionizer, Inventor dehumidifiers provide. Positive and negative ions are released into the room absorbing dust, bacteria, tobacco and other unpleasant odors, offering a high air quality.


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