• High coefficient of performance, nearly 1/3 more energy saving than ordinary chiller unit. For wide working range, the machine may run within25%-100% energy range.
  • Water flow switches kit.
  • Reserved interface for water pump and cooling tower.
  • Flooded type evaporator.
  • Multi compressor paralleling technology for high capacity units.
  • Orifice throttle disc integrated with electronic expansion valve technology.
  • Automatic step less or stepped capacity adjustment.
  • Compact design.
  • Reliable oil returns system.
  • High efficient oil separator system thanks to mechanical and adsorptive fractionation devices.
  • Accurate high-pressure liquid injection oil returns technology.
  • Low oil level protection technology.
  • Completed safeties
  • LCD control panel (optional to upgrade to colorful touch screen control panel).
  • Long distance monitoring and centralized control (optional).
  • New model up to 1395.0 kW/396.6 RT cooling capacity